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Ajo Bike Barcelona

Ajo Bike is a budget bike shop in El Raval, a vibrant district in central Barcelona, where you can find the craziest bars, the most delicious local meals, and the greatest diversity of nationalities in town. Our shop is in the tiny authentic street of Roig, 5, very close to the corner with the busy Hospital, five minute walk from the Boqueria market and just one minute from Rambla del Raval. We rent, sell and repair bikes and our simple philosophy is to work fast and well on reasonable prices.






Enteprise Rent-A-Car Barcelona

Alquiler de coches en Barcelona

Enterprise le ofrece el servicio de alquiler de cohes baratos y de furgonetas en Barcelona. También le ofrece el servicio de alquiler de vehículos en el aeropuerto del Prat. 


Enteprise Rent-A-Car Barcelona

Geo Kalev

Geo Kalev

I love taking pictures, traveling and dancing. These are the three words that represent unknown. When you meet know that for me are the important things. Photography is a language in a very short time to tell it. Pretty excited, instantaneous. Photography is a story that triggers the imagination and fantasy. Doing photography has entered into the laboratory where the receiving smiles, learned a lot about human development in his thinking. Photography is the process, like life, striving for perfection and harmony.





travel blog

Milos Mitrovic

Happy frog is born out of desire to share my travel experiences with other people. It is meant for all of you who share devotion for adventure, exploration and simply like to have fun. The main purpose of this blog is to show the beauty of travelling from a personal perspective of somebody who is interested in great deal of aspects that travelling includes, and therefore hopefully most of you will find something interesting among these lines. It is intended for independent travellers  by providing them an extra information on how to organize their trips, but also for those who prefer to have their trips organized by a professional. I hope you will enjoy surfing these pages!



Hristo Kirilov

Hristo Kirilov

My name is Hristo Kirilov and my passion and occupation is woodcarving, designing and buildingfurniture, wooden toys, children’s playgrounds, tree-houses and lots of other interior and exterior artistic accents from wood.

I design and make custom projects, consistent with the customer’s needs and wishes. This is a material that I know and love deeply. I feel that there is no impossible project, so just let your imagination run free and together we will make your home or garden more beautiful and fun.

Wood is the material, which brings the most warmth and comfort in your home. Enjoy it.